Congratulations to Tender for its official selection in the Leeds Queer Film Festival and the San Francisco Independent Film Festival

Along with the Baltimore International Black Film Festival, the Black Alphabet Film Festival, the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival and the Urban Film Festival!

In Tender the tensions caused by San Francisco’s housing crisis unfold for three black trans women in the Tenderloin.

Under the backdrop of San Francisco’s housing crisis, the beauty of a historically LBGT-friendly district is revealed. Tender tells the story of three black trans women and their inextricable connections to San Francisco’s often maligned Tenderloin neighborhood. Janetta is a pillar of the trans community and head of the Trans, Gender-variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP). Ronjah juggles multiple jobs as she dreams of moving out of her single room occupancy (SRO) and into an apartment near the ocean. Cookie searches for housing in a ballooning market that is unaffordable and leaves her homeless. These women take pride in living and working in this pre-Stonewall site of LBGT liberation, yet the spaces they hold dear erode as San Francisco’s housing crisis grows out of control.


Ronjah Earl


Ronjah Earl

Originally from southern California, Ronjah migrated to San Francisco’s Tenderloin because of its history as a space for trans women. 

Cookie Bivens


Cookie Bivens

Formerly incarcerated, Cookie gravitated to the Tenderloin thanks to support from the Trans Gender-variant Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP). 

Janetta Johnson


Janetta Johnson

Janetta is Executive Director of TGIJP. She fights to secure housing for formerly incarcerated trans women.


Tender captures the color and beauty of one of San Francisco’s most maligned neighborhoods. Three black trans women describe their roots and ties to this historically transgender space in the city of San Francisco. Yet, their efforts to remain there dwindle as rents rise, space becomes more unaffordable, and gentrification encroaches. 


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